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/SAPAPO/OM_REORG_DAILY - Periodic (Daily) Reorganization of COM Objects in liveCache

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Program /SAPAPO/OM_REORG_DAILY should be run on a daily basis in each client that contains productive APO data .


The following steps are executed in this exact order:

  1. Old LogFiles and lock entries are deleted in the optimization.
  2. Standing transaction simulations that are older than eight hours are deleted.
  3. Standing containers in multilevel ATP are deleted.
  4. The trace file number of the LCA routines is checked.
  5. Forecast orders are deleted.
  6. Period profiles and tables of periods are corrected in the RPM area.
  7. Flagged models and planning versions are deleted.
  8. ATP time series are reorganized.
  9. ATP characteristics matrixes are reorganized.
  10. Collision buffers for resources are reorganized.
  11. Checks of /SAPAPO/OM13 are performed and logged.
  12. The results of the individual steps are logged (transaction /SAPAPO/OM11).
  13. The monitor for OMS tables is logged.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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