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Deletion report to remove all data records in the PPM that have no connection to superordinate data (tables) and therefore have no function.

The following tables are checked:















Material flow and container resources:




Time-dependent process parameters:


Sources of supply and model:





Characteristics tables:













The deletion report works hierarchically from top to bottom. If you delete data records, the associated data records in the dependent tables are also deleted.





Standard Variants



To read and check the selected data, select the field 'Display data'.

To carry out the check, copy random data records from the list issued and check if they actually exist in the table you checked or if they do not exist in the superordinate table (for example, using the data browser - transaction SE16).

To delete and later check the selected data, select the field 'Delete data'.

After confirming the warning with 'Yes', the data is deleted. The list of data selected for deletion is displayed again afterwards.

If an error occurs when reading or deleting the data, the program terminates and the following message appears: 'An error occurred when deleting the data'.


In the table /sapapo/pltext that contains the short texts for plans of the table /sapapo/plan, there are still short texts for plans that were already deleted in table /sapapo/plan.

You can read these entries that have no connection to the superordinate table /sapapo/plan first, and then delete them after a check.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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