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You use report /SAPAPO/PPM_CONV_LOCAL_TO_UTC to convert the dates and times (for determining the validity period of a production process modell (PPM)) of the time zone that is defined at the location into UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). This allows you to ensure that validity periods are correctly interpreted in all the applications that use the PPM.


Run this report in accordance with SAP OSS note number 569368 in the SAP APO system before activating automatic conversion into UTC for the PPM.


It can take a long time to run this report, particularly if you have large data quantities. Therefore, schedule this report as a background job.

You should ensure that for the time you are running this report, there are no other active processes in the SAP APO system.


The report reads the PPM data records that are stored in the time zone of the location, converts the data into UTC, and stores the modified data to the database.


Standard Variants


The application log shows which plans were successfully converted.

Converted plans receive a value of 999999 in the NOACT field of table /SAPAPO/PLAN. If you rerun the report, these plans are ignored.



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