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/SAPAPO/PPM_UTC_PREPARE_DATA01 - Report for Determining Statuses of PPMs Cross-Client

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With release 4,1 all sources of supply in an APO System are saved in UTC format in the database. Several customers also have the data in UTC format for older releases having used a modification made available in notes 497707 (APO Release 3.0) and 569368 (APO Release 3.1). This data should not be converted a second time.

You use this report to check whether the modification for the UTC conversion already exists and whether the validity data of the PPMs already exist in UTC format.

If the modification already exists in your system, the system uses an evaluation in this report to ensure that the PPMs will not be converted a second time by the XPRA /SAPAPO/TR_XPRA_REL_41.

If no modification has been executed, you have to determine per client whether a UTC conversion is to be carried out. This is necessary, if the PPMs were created via BAPIs and therefore have already received the correct validity.



The report provides a final evaluation if you have already executed the report for the client-dependent creation of the modification status (/SAPAPO/PPM_UTC_PREPARE_DATA02) in all clients.


The report evaluates the client-depenent confirmations via the conversion status and delivers the final result on whether a complete, partial or whether no UTC conversion has been carried out.

The following evaluation types exist:

  1. A UTC conversion is executed for all clients.
  2. No UTC conversion is executed for any clients.
  3. The following applies to systems whose clients have confirmed different evaluations:
  • For clients for which no UTC conversion is to be executed, the system automatically records all plans / PPMs in table /SAPAPO/UTC_PLAN per client. In this table, all plans / PPMs are recorded per client that are to be excluded from the UTC conversion (in this case, all PPMs of this client).

  • Clients for which a partial conversion is to be carried out have already recorded all plans / PPMs in table /SAPAPO/UTC_PLAN that are to be excluded from the conversion.

  • The system automatically carries out a UTC conversion for the clients for which a UTC conversion is to be executed.

Please note that only cases 1 and 2 are usually relevant. Case 1 is the standard - that no UTC conversion has already been executed due to a modification from the notes listed above. Case 2 is relevant if a modification has been made according to the above-listed SAP notes.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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