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/SAPAPO/PPM_UTC_PREPARE_DATA2 - Client-Dependent Creation of Modification Status

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You use this report to create the client-dependent status of the modification for the UTC conversion of the existing plans / PPMs.

You have the following options:

  • All plans / PPMs are converted to the UTC format - this option can be used if you are sure that no UTC conversion has been executed for any PPMs to date (for example, PPMs generated via BAPI are already UTC converted).
  • No plans / PPM are converted to the UTC format - you can use this option if you want to work with plans / PPMs with no UTC conversion.
  • Some of the plans / PPMs are converted to UTC format. You can select exactly which plans / PPMs (for example, PPMs generated via BAPI) are NOT to be converted to UTC format. Creating the plans in a transparent table /SAPAPO/PLAN_UTC excludes them from a conversion.


As soon as all clients have executed the report for the client-dependent creation os the modification status, the follow-up report for saving converted validity data can be started.


Check you system to see whether plans / PPMs exist for which a UTC conversion has already been executed. You have to exclude these plans / PPMs before the next UTC conversion.



Standard Variants

If you only want to exclude some of the plans / PPMs from the UTC conversion, you can create a variant for your plan / PPM selection.


For the selection of the last option, a list is displayed with plans that should be excluded from the conversion. You can change your selection as necessary. Only the last selection after executing the report is recorded in the transparent table /SAPAPO/PLAN_UTC.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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