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/SAPAPO/PT_COPY_USER - Copy of User Settings from Product Planning Table

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Using this program you can copy user-specific settings for the product planning table or the product view, so that they are available for other users. This is particularly useful for tests and error searches.


The settings are loaded from Customizing when you initially access the relevant transaction and saved as an individual copy. You can subsequently load the settings from Customizing via the dialog window "User Settings" and the pushbutton "Load Variants from Customizing".

Using report /SAPAPO/PT_DELETE_USER you can delete user-specific settings for the product planning table or the product view, when they are no longer required.




The user settings are characterized by three key fields:

  • User name (UNAME)
  • Use (PT_USAGE), for example PPT_INH for product planning table, RRP_ORDfor product view
  • User variants (PT_UPVAR), the name, which the author used to save the settings.

Complete these selection criteria for both the source entry and the target entry.

The application of the source entry will be transferred and entered as the application of the target entry

The user variant can be omitted for the target entry, which will cause the name of the user variant of the source entry to be used.

Standard Variants



The user specific settings that correspond to the entered selection criteria of the source entry are saved with the specified values for the key fields for the target entry in the database.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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