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The /SAPAPO/RCIFQUEUECTRL report displays all communication between RFC Queues involved in APO and R/3.

The outbound queues for the APO System itself and its connected R/3 systems are displayed. The quantity of systems displayed can be reduced in the selection screen.

The queues for a system are shown as object types. The status is visible for each queue, and in SYSFAIL status you can navigate direct to the application error.

Queues can be locked, unlocked, activated or deleted. You can also navigate directly to the qRFC monitor (SMQ1). For APO outbound queues you can go to the RFC destination management.

SUBST_MERGE_LIST - merge external lists to one complete list with #if... logic for R3up   Addresses (Business Address Services)  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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