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/SAPAPO/RSP_PLAN_COPY_ORDERS - Copying Sales Orders from Active Planning Version

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This report is a part of medium-term planning. It copies sales orders from the active planning version 000 to an inactive planning version and then reschedules the copied sales orders, if necessary.



You have executed the basic initialization using the transaction /SAPAPO/RSP_BINI. In this step, restriction master data is copied from the active planning version to an inactive planning version. All the objects dependent on restrictions are also initialized:

  • Time series
  • Where-used list for restrictions
  • Production data structure


You can control the copy report using the following selection parameters:

  • Target Planning Version
    Planning version, to which the sales orders are to be copied. You can only copy to inactive planning versions.
  • Copy Unconfirmed Orders
In addition to the scheduled sales orders in the active planning version, you can also copy the unscheduled sales orders.

,,Program Flow

  1. First, the selection horizon and the status of the copy operation is recorded in a statistic table for the inactive target planning version. The status initially is in process
  2. Once you have set the indicator Reset Simulation, the existing data from medium-term planning runs in the target planning version is reset.
  3. If you have set the indicator, Copy Confirmation Date, the system checks whether time series exist for the target planning version. If not, they are set up.
  4. Relevant to the selection of the sales orders is whether or not you have activated the BAdI /SAPAPO/RSP_ORDER_CP. If the BAdI is active, you can control the selection of the orders per customer. The parameters of the selection screen are transferred to the BAdI. If the BAdI is inactive, all the sales orders are selected. ,,
  5. The selected sales orders are copied to the inactive target planning version and are saved in a separate database. Here, the confirmation date is copied depending on the setting.
  6. The copy procedure contains the status Released. A corresponding entry in the statistics table is recorded for the target planning version.
  7. If you have set the indicator Copy Confirmation Date, the system reschedules the copied sales orders infinitely (respecting dates). That is, the sales order is scheduled on the same date as in the active planning version.


Standard Variants


  • The system has copied the sales orders to the inactive target planning version and saved them in a separate database.
  • The system has rescheduled the sales orders infinitely respecting existing confirmation dates.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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