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/SAPAPO/STOCK_OUTDATED_REORG - Selection of Outdated Stocks with Zero Quantity

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For technical reasons, stocks with a quantity of zero are no longer automatically deleted because liveCache updates stocks without locking them. This must now be taken care of with this report.



This only applies under these conditions:

  • Your APO system is connected to a S4HANA system with S4CORE release 101 (1610), or you are using the PPDS at this S4CORE release.
  • The release of your APO system is 714 or higher.
  • Your liveCache is at liveCache-Build 100.31.



On the report screen, you specify which stocks with a quantity of zero you want the report to delete from the active planning version '000' in your APO system. You can use the following selection criteria:

  • Products
  • Locations
  • ATP categories
  • The date since when the stock must be unchanged in the system

In addition, the following control parameters are available:

  • The value of the Package Size field defines the number of stocks deleted within one block. You only need to change the default value of 1.000 if there are problems with database locks.
  • If you choose Write Detailed Log the program writes the details of the selected stocks and non-deleted stocks into the application log.
    You can use transaction /SAPAPO/C3 to analyze the application log. The logs are assigned to the object CIFSCM and the subobject STOCK.
  • If you choose Delete Stock the selected stocks will be deleted by the program, otherwise they will only be displayed.


Based on this selection all stocks with a quantity of zero are selected from liveCache and, if applicable, deleted. In order to avoid inconsistencies with the ERP system, selected stocks will not be deleted if the stocks are being updated in parallel.

By default, the program informs about the number of stocks selected for deletion. If you choose Delete stockthe program also informs about the number of non-deleted stocks.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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