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/SAPAPO/TOGGLE_DISPATCHER_LRP - Report for Preparing the WFM Core After Toggling Dispatchers

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This report is for preparing the WFM core after toggling the dispatchers. Though there is only one active dispatcher at this point of time, the WFM core is not ready for planning.



This report has to be executed independently. On toggling the dispatchers through the LRP configuration transaction an information pops up requesting the user to run this report. It is the responsibility of the user to run this report. No other program or transaction triggers the execution of this report.



Standard Variants



Firstly, the WFM core assignments of the old dispatcher are copied as assignments of the new dispatcher. The dispatchers are then set to ready state indicating that the WFM core is ready for planning. The new dispatcher is the only active dispatcher and it gets involved in the subsequent planning.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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