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/SAPAPO/TR_IGS_GEN_REORGPRESEL - Reorganization of GIS Preselection

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This report is used to reorganize preselected distances and durations from the geographical information system (GIS).



The geo-information system (GIS) must be connected to the Internet graphic server (IGS) and distances and durations must have been preselected.



On the selection screen, you can make a selection by start and destination location, or by means of transport and change information.

This makes the selection screen very large, which means that the actual selection is made using checkboxes. Since a minimum of start and destination location have to be chosen for each selection, the system asks you to activate the checkboxes that are missing for a complete selection. For technical reasons, this is done using error messages.

You can make the selection on the basis of existing transportation lanes (that is, the selection of start and destination location restrict each other). On the other hand, temporary transportation lanes are generated between start and destination locations.

Standard Variants


The number of preselected transportation lanes is given in the log for background processing.

The report list contains details about the transportation lanes for which distances and durations were preselected.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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