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/SAPAPO/TR_IGS_GEN_TRM_DIDUPS - Update Mass-Maintained Means of Transport with GIS Data

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Within the mass maintenance of transportation lanes, when a geo-information system is used the distances and durations to be determined are posted using an automatically generated background job. If this procedure were not used, the performance of mass maintenance would be severely hindered.

If the background job terminates, this report can be used to start a new background job that uses the geo-information system to redetermine the distances and durations for the transportation lanes collected during mass maintenance. This operation is repeated up to three times. After that, this transportation lane is removed from the worklist.



Terminated background job for posting mass-maintained transportation lanes.



The selection screen only contains the assignment of a name for the background job.

Standard Variants


The system log contains a record of the successful posting or unsuccessful attempt to determine distances and duration.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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