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This report is used for the mass creation, changing, and deletion of product-specific means of transport.

The selection screen consists of the following three areas:

  • Selection fields
  • Processing pushbuttons
  • Data fields



Product-specific transportation lanes and means of transport must already have been created with an overlapping validity within the transportation lanes concerned.



Product-specific transportation lanes and means of transport can be selected using the selection fields. The scope of validity should be kept in mind. All product-specific transportation lanes and means of transport are selected that lie fully or partially within the validity range. The validity of the two objects must overlap; otherwise it is not possible to create, change, or delete product-specific means of transport.

Effect of pushbutton on selected product-specific means of transport:

  • Create/change
  • Product-specific means of transport that do not yet exist are created

  • Existing product-specific means of transport are deleted and newly created

  • Change
  • Mass maintenance only focuses on product-specific means of transport that already exist

  • The selected fields (subsequent dialog window) are changed

  • Delete
  • Entries are deleted

These fields can be used to provide changes or initial values. All fields are available that can also be changed in individual maintenance.

When changes are made, the fields are only transferred to the database if you select the corresponding field in the subsequent dialog window.

Standard Variants


At the end, all operations for the entries that were maintained are documented in a dialog window.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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