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/SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_PAR - Copy Planning Version

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Report /SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_PAR copies the data from planning version A to planning version B. The data of the planning version is deleted immediately beforehand. The name and GUID of planning version B are retained so you can continue to use the planning version in variants and profiles.

The master data and transaction data of planning version A are copied in parallel processes. This ensures that the runtime of the report is kept short and that the available hardware is used more efficiently.

You have to specify a profile on the initial screen of report /SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_PAR. To maintain profiles, you use view /SAPAPO/MVMPROF (transaction SM30). A profile has the following fields:

  • Copy Profile
    Name of profile
  • Server Group
    Group of servers over which the system-generated parallel copy processes for runtime are distributed
  • Processes
    Maximal number of work processes that are busy due to the copy processes
  • Prefix
    Prefix that is added to the name of the copy process. If no user-specific prefix is specified, the prefix 'MVMCOPY' is used.

The report contains the /SAPAPO/MVM_COPY1 and /SAPAPO/MVM_COPY2 BAdIs for copying user-specific data and for controlling the interface between SAP R/3 and SAP APO (CIF).





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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