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/SAPAPO/VS_UPGRADE_SCM_41 - TP/VS Upgrade Report for Release SCM 4.1

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You can execute this report multiple times, for example, to recreate compatibilities or the TP/VS field catalog.




You use this report to do the following:

  • Create or update the TP/VS field catalog with standard fields
  • Create soft constraints for early or delayed delivery
  • Create hard constraints for early pickup (material availability date)
  • Convert compatibility types from previous releases:
  • Transportation group - transportation group

  • Location - means of transport

As of SAP SCM 4.1 you can differentiate between source location, destination location, and transshipment location when defining compatibility types and compatibilities and incompatibilities. This means that when converting compatibilities and incompatibilities that you created in previous releases and that cover locations, you must specify the type of location into which these locations are to be converted. By default locations are converted into source locations.
  • Means of transport - transportation group

  • Convert compatibilities and incompatibilities of these three compatibility types from previous releases
  • Copy shipping data for sales orders from the Global Availability Check (GATP) into TP/VS tables


Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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