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/SAPCE/FKPL_TRIAL_BALANCE - Trial Balance (Poland)

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You use this report for the following purposes:

  • To display a list of contract accounting balances for a selection of business partners and contract accounts for the specified period
  • To calculate and store contract account balances
The system calculates contract account balance data for the specified period from the opening balances of the current period and from the relevant contract accounting document amounts. If the balances for the specified period were not stored in a previous run, the report also stores the calculated balances for future use.
The calculation of contract account balances can take a long time when you process mass data. To avoid long runtimes, we recommend that you schedule a batch job to update the contract account balances regularly.



To be able to use the report via transaction FPTL1, make the following settings:

  • Call transaction SM30 in your customizing client and add a new entry in the Program Selections (TFK020RS) view as follows:
  • Enter transaction code FPTL1 with the report name /SAPCE/FKPL_TRIAL_BALANCE and with the country code PL.

  • Save your entries.

  • Call transaction SM30 in your customizing client and add a new entry in the Program Selections: Overview (TFK020R) view as follows:
  • Enter transaction code FPTL1 with the report name /SAPCE/FKPL_TRIAL_BALANCE.

  • Save your entries.

Activate the following events with installation-specific function modules in transaction FQEVENTS:

EventInstallation-specific function modules

For information about the settings, see SAP Note 2501757.

Optionally, you can activate a BAdI implementation to enable the modification of certain data on the output screen in Customizing for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Basic Functions → Other Legally Required Reports → Country-Specific Functions for Poland → Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) →BAdI: Customer-Specific Fields for Trial Balance.



Enter the selection parameters as required.

In the Display Options group box, you can select the Group by G/L Account field. In addition to business partner and contract account, the system groups the contract accounting data also by general ledger account. This option is relevant only for data display.

In the Processing Control group box, you can specify a data processing limit. If the selection parameters result in more document items to be updated than this limit, the report is cancelled and no database changes are made. You use this limit to prevent processing large amounts of data in interactive mode.

If you need to process large amounts of data, we recommend that you schedule the report to run in background mode.

Standard Variants


The report calculates and stores contract account balances. According to the specified selection options, the report also displays the following contract accounting data in an ALV list:

  • Balances carried forward from the previous fiscal year
  • Total debit and credit amounts to the start of the reporting period
  • Opening balances of the reporting period
  • Total debit and credit amounts posted to contract accounts during the reporting period
  • Closing balance of total credits and debits at the end of the period (balance of all credit and debit postings made to this account in the fiscal year to date)

In addition, the report also displays the following data:

  • The words Beginning of Report and End of Report at the beginning and end of the report
  • Running totals at the bottom of each page



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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