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/SAPCE/FKPL_VAT_ADJ - Tax Adjustment for Overdue Invoices (Poland)

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You can use this report to display all the document numbers of invoices that are overdue by a certain number of days and whose tax amounts were adjusted and transfer posted in a given reporting period.

In accordance with legal requirements, you can reclaim the tax amount of those invoices that are overdue by a certain number of days (for example, by 150 days) as defined by law. To do so, you must adjust and transfer post these tax amounts, and then you can display them using this report. You then submit the list to the tax authorities to reclaim the sum of the tax amounts.

The report lists the relevant data for each document number, and sums the tax amounts that you can reclaim from the tax authorities.


The VAT Register report collects invoices for each business partner, and it does not list these tax amounts as reclaimable amounts. That is why you must use this report to list the tax amounts for each document number and sum up the amount that you can reclaim.



So that you can display the overdue invoices whose tax amounts were adjusted and adjustment was transfer posted, you must do the following activities:

You must make the following settings in Customizing:

In the Days after field, enter the number of days that you allow an unpaid invoice to overdue. The number of allowed days is defined by law.
  • In the Percentagefield, enter the percentage of the tax amount that you want the system to adjust if the due date of the invoice exceeds the specified number of days.
Days after: 150Percentage: 100
This means that the system adjusts the 100% of the tax amount when the invoice is overdue by 150 days.
  • The system administrator has activated the /CEEISUT/ISU_PL_05 Business Configuration (BC) Set.
This BC Set activates the SAPCE/FKPL_EVENT_2950 and the /SAPCE/FKPL_EVENT_2953 installation-specific function modules.
For more information about activating BC Sets, see SAP Library for SAP ERP Central Component on SAP Help Portal at ->SAP NetWeaver Library → SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability → Solution Life Cycle Management by Key Capability → Customizing → Business Configuration Sets (BC-CUS) → Activate Business Configuration Sets → Activate BC Sets.

You must execute the following transactions:

  1. Run the Adjust Receivables According to Age (FPRW) to adjust the tax amounts of the overdue invoices.
Enter a date ID in the head of the screen, and on the Selection tab page, enter the adjustment reason and the value adjustment variant that you defined for tax adjustment in the relevant fields.
On the General Selections tab page, enter the business partner whose overdue invoices you want to collect. The transaction selects all the overdue invoices that belong to the defined business partner according to the value adjustment variant and stores these invoices in a database table. Additionally, the transaction assigns the adjustment reason to these invoices in the database table that you assigned to the company code it uses for the invoice collection.
  1. If you want the system to adjust and transfer post only the tax amount of the overdue invoices, and not the whole invoice amount, apply the /SAPCE/FKPL_EVENT_2953 installation-specific function module.
  2. Run the Transfer Post Adjusted Receivables (FPRV) transaction to transfer post the adjusted tax amounts of overdue invoices
In the Create transfer posting docs group box, ensure that the Indiv. Value Adjustmt checkbox is selected.
The transaction checks whether there is any adjustment reason assigned to the company code in Customizing. If there is one, the transaction collects all the invoices that have the relevant adjustment reason assigned in the database table, and then transfer posts the adjusted tax amounts to the relevant G/L accounts.



On the selection screen, enter data as required.

Standard Variants


The report displays all the document numbers of overdue invoices whose tax amounts have been adjusted with the FPRW transaction and the adjustment was transfer posted with the FPRV transaction. The report displays the sum of the reclaimable tax amount in a separate row.


To access the report on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Utilities Industry → IS-U Extension for Poland → Tax Adjustment for Overdue Invoices.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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