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Cash Ledger Report is printed daily for each cash desk. It contains a list of cash documents posted/entered during this day.

The report has legally defined layout.

In comparison with the standard “Cash Journal Evaluation” report it has different content and layout

The report contains additional information like GL account number from BP position or from GL position in case of “post deposit” and ”post withdrawal” transaction; BP name; Cash balance at the beginning of a day and at the end of the day. It also contains number of posted documents during specified date.



The functionality is being enabled in Cash Journal only in case the Event 6120 is correctly registered.

  • In order to be able run the report, the user needs to have at least "Display" activity from the "F_KKVK_BUK" authorization object allowed.
  • It is necessary to maintain User parameters (at SU01 transaction by Parameters tab)
  • Select the corresponding user name and insert parameter ‘/SAPCE/FKRU_KO_POS’ to fill the position of the responsible Cashier.
  • The report is possible to reprint historically via transaction /SAPCE/FKRU_CLRE.
  • The report does not to be printed before the correspondent Cash Desk End-Day-Closing procedure is being run in order to get correct results.


When you are satisfied that the information in the list is correct, and you want to prepare an output for the authorities, you can print out the form in the official format.


In case the report is being printed from the SAP Easy Access screen the Branch Office and Cash Desk is necessary to fill in manually. In case the report is being printed from the Cash Journal, the mentioned parameters will be filled in automatically without the option of the change.

Standard Variants


You can use the report to prepare an ALV grid or a SmartForm.


To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose transaction FPCJ (Cash Journal) and follow with the additional popup menu option "Cash Ledger" of the menu item "Environment". The report can be also accessed separately from the transaction /SAPCE/FKRU_CLRE.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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