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/SAPCE/FKRU_TAXREP - Sales/Purchases Ledger and Invoice Journal (Russia)

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You use this report to prepare the sales ledger, purchases ledger, or the invoice journal in the legal format (PDF output format) or in XML file format that you can submit then to the tax authorities in accordance with your legal requirements.

Sales ledger and purchases ledger contain information about VAT amounts from the documents processed/issued by the utility company. In some cases, VAT amounts are reflected in these reports immediately after invoicing or sometimes after payment (in paid amount in case of partial payment).



You have made the necessary settings in the Customizing activity Group Tax Balances.

If you want to define customer-specific logic to modify the data that is called into the output format, you must also implement the Customer-Specific Fields for Sales/ Purchases Ledger Business Add-In.



On the selection screen of the report, enter data according to your requirements. In the Report Type group box, you can then choose which document you want to prepare:

  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Invoice Journal


To improve performance, we recommend that you execute the report in the background. If you want to use the drilldown functions in the output list, we recommend that you create an extract.

In the Type of Output group box, you can choose the output format of the sales ledger, purchases ledger, or for the invoice journal. You can choose one of the following output formats:

  • ALV list
When you choose this option, you must enter the layout for the ALV list output in the relevant field.
  • Legal layout (referring to the PDF output)
When you choose this option, you must enter the Smart Form that you want the report to use when the PDF file is generated.
  • XML output
When you choose this option, you must enter the notation information, the number of corrections you have sent for the XML file, and also the XSLT transformation information, including the destination of the file where you want to store them.
Note that if you want the report to collect data for an additional sheet for the sales or purchases ledger, you must ensure that you have selected the Create additional sheets checkbox in the General Selection group box.


Before you choose the output type, ensure that you have selected the relevant report type (that is, sales ledger, purchase ledger, or invoice journal) in the Report Type group box.

Standard Variants


Depending on which output type you have chosen, the report proceeds as follows after you have executed it:

  • Displays the collected data in an ALV list that you can check its correctness.
  • Generates a PDF file whose print preview you can display and check after you have executed the report and entered the output device for printing.
  • Generates the XML file and saves it in the folder you have selected for storing the file.

You can then submit the file to the tax authorities.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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