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/SAPCE/FKUA_SALESLEDGER - Register of Issued Invoices (Ukraine)

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You can use this report to generate the sales ledger for a given reporting period that includes all the tax invoices and correction tax invoices that belong to a register. You can print the sales ledger and generate an XML file containing all the tax invoices and correction tax invoices.


If you want to create XML files for each tax invoice and correction tax invoice, you must use the Create XML File for Each Tax Invoice/Corr. Tax Invoice report.

Sequential Numbering

You can use the sequential numbers to list tax invoices and correcion tax invoices in the order they have been entered in the Register of Issued Tax Invoices. For more information, see the Sequential Numbering section in the /SAPCE/FKUA_TAX_VOUCHER_CREATE report documentation.

XML Output

The report generates an output as follows:

  • Display the results on the screen (as an ALV List or ALV Grid)
  • Prepare a legal form
  • Prepare an XML file
The system generates the file names using data that you enter in the following fields:
1 to 3.
  • 1 to 3: the code of document and meet the value of element C_DOC field

  • 4 to 6: contain subtype of document and meet the value of element C_DOC_SUB;

  • 7 to 8: contain a version of document number and meet the value of element C_DOC_VER, complemented on the left by a zero to 2 characters



  • You have created tax invoices with the /SAPCE/FKUA_TAX_VOUCHER_CREATE report for each invoicing document.
  • You have made your customer specific settings in the /SAPCE/FKUA_TAXB and /SAPCE/FKUA_TRGV Customizing tables.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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