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/SAPCE/FKUA_TAX_VOUCHER_PRINT - Print Tax Invoices and Correction Tax Invoices

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This report enables you to print tax invoices and correction tax invoices for Ukraine.

You can only print tax invoices that the tax authority has included in the Common Register of Tax Invoices, that is, you can only print tax documents that have send statuses 3 (Included in CRTV) or 5 (Included in CRTV by Timeout). For more information about send statuses, see Send Status of Tax Invoice.

Tax invoices that are not valid, and were therefore sorted out for manual correction, cannot be printed.

Tax Invoice - A special tax document that is issued together with an invoice or when you receive down payment, depending on which event happens earlier. In addition to the typical parameters of an invoice (bill of goods, unit, quantity, price per unit, total price), tax invoices contain VAT data (VAT rate and type, total VAT, VAT data of payer and recipient).

Correction Tax Invoice - A tax document issued when any change occurs after sale (such as change in price or quantity, goods return, etc.).

Inclusion in the Common Register of Tax Invoices

The system indicates on the printout whether the tax document is included in the Common Register of Tax Invoices (CRTI).


This indication is only relevant for tax documents that have a send status other than the initial status ' ' (Status Not Set). For tax documents with initial statuses, this field does not reflect whether or not they are actually included in the CRTI.



You have made the necessary settings in the /SAPCE/FKUAHERKF and /SAPCE/FKUA_TAX Customizing tables.



To improve performance, we recommend that you execute the report in the background. If you want to use the drilldown functions in the output list, we recommend that you create an extract.

Standard Variants


You can use the report to prepare an SmartForm.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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