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/SAPCE/FKUA_UNITAX - Annex OK to Profit Tax Declaration

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You use this report to check G/L account open items of business partners with unitary tax certificates in Ukraine.

The report enables you to check the data before you include it in the Annex OK to Profit Tax Declaration by using the Annex OK for Profit Tax Declaration (J_1UF_ANNEX_OK) report.

For more information about how the data is collected, see the Customizing activity BAdI: Selection of G/L Items of BPs Using Unitary Tax Scheme.



You have made the following steps:



Standard Variants


The report displays the following data for a given business partner:

  • Business partner number
  • Company code
  • Business partner category (such as natural or legal persons)
  • Tax number of the business partner as follows:
  • USREOU number for Legal persons

  • SRNP number for natural persons

  • Summarized amount of corresponding tax base per business partner



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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