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/SAPCE/ISU_ARCHIVE_BEP_WRITE - Archiving of Benefit Posting: Write

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You can use this report to archive data that relate to benefits posting with the archiving object /SAPCE/BEP.

The database tables store the details of benefits posting and collect the data of transfer posting to the contract account of the authority and reporting of the reimbursed benefits from the authority.

During archiving, the system writes the data of benefits posting to one or more archive files from the following database tables:

/SAPCE/IURU_BCODNew account assignment for benefits posting
/SAPCE/IURU_BPAUDetails of claimed benefits
/SAPCE/IURU_BPOSPosting details for benefits



You have archived the corresponding contract accounting documents (FI-CA documents) with the FI-CA Documents (FI_MKKDOC) archiving object.



In the Benefits Posting Selection group box, enter the contract accounting document number whose data you want to archive. You can also enter the company code and the benefit region to which the document belongs.

In the Process Control group box, select the execution type depending on how you want to process archiving.

Standard Variants


The report archives the benefits posting data in accordance with your settings and displays the result of archiving in an ALV list.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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