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/SAPCE/IURU_ECS - Energy Consumption Sheet Report

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Electricity consumption sheet (ECS) is a strong business practice in the power sector in Russia. This document is provided to a consumer together with an invoice and contains detailed information about consumption and its cost for every meter register.

This report shows billing data of consumption of electricity and prints out the print documents based on the data specified on the selection screen.



Before running this report the ECS table line types shall be set to the billing line item types in the customizing table /SAPCE/IURU_ECS.


When you are satisfied that the information in the list is correct, and you want to prepare an output for the authorities, you can print out the form in the official format.

&NOTE&: You need to check the checkbox Doc.Simulated if you want to print a simulated document.


On the selection screen, you need to enter the following details:

  • Division
  • Company code
  • Start of billing period (in all cases if the key parameter is not the Bill Printout Document)

The consumption data is filtered based on the energy consumption accordingly :

  • Business Partner
  • Contract Account
  • Contract
  • Functional Location
  • Premise
  • Installation
  • Meter Reading Unit
  • Bill Printout Document.,,

Under ECS view based on your requirement, you can select either of the following:

  • Analytical Report
  • Printed document (the smart form name shall be filled)

Standard Variants


You can use the report to prepare an ALV grid and Smart Form.


To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, go to Utilities Industry -> IS-U Extension for Russia -> Reporting ->Energy Consumption Sheet report


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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