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/SAPCE/IURU_OKOGU_MIGRATION - Migrate OKOGU Field from Length 5 to 7 Digits (Russia)

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You can use this program to migrate your 5-digit OKOGU code data into the new 7-digit OKOGU code fields in the relevant 6 database tables.

You can run this migration program as many times as necessary.


You need to migrate the data if you have already used the 5-digit OKOGU code in your system.



You have completed the following activities:

  • You have manually entered all the OKOGU codes you want to use as a classification of Russian ministries and authorities in the Define 7-Digit OKOGU Codes Customizing activity.



On the Select DB Tables for Migrationgroup box, you can choose the database tables where you want the program to migrate the OKOGU code data. If you want to migrate data to all the database tables, select all using the Select All DB Tables push button.

If the data to be migrated is huge, you can split the data selection into intervals for certain database tables. For example, you can run the migration for business partners or a group of business partners at a time.

On the General Settings group box, you can choose the following:

Standard Variants




You can use the BAdI: Migrate OKOGU Field from Length 5 to 7 Digits(Russia) (BAdI name /SAPCE/IURU_OKOGU_MIGR_BADI in transaction SE18) to modify the program logic on data migration before the actual migration is done. To do so, you can use the following BAdI methods:

You can use this method to change the process of migration. For example, you want the report to copy the 5-digit OKOGU code into the new field instead of calling the value from Customizing; or you can also skip certain lines from further processing.
You can use this method to alow the system to clear the new 7-digit OKOGU code. To do so, you must also ensure that the Replace Existing Values checkbox is seleced on the selection screen of the migration report. Please also check the example (How to skip some lines from update) in the MODIFY_DB_TABLES method of implementation example /SAPCE/CL_IURU_OKOGU_BADI_EXAM.

We deliver the /SAPCE/CL_IURU_OKOGU_BADI_EXAM implementation example class.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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