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/SAPCE/UNUSD_SUBS_HT - Unused Subsidy for Heating

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You use this report to calculate Unused Subsidy for heating.



  • You have maintained the Customizing for Unused Subsidy under SAP Utilities -> Contract Billing -> Billing Master Data -> Subsidies – Ukraine -> Unused Subsidy for Heating
  • There exist overpaid credit balance at the end of heating season. Recalculation of subsidy applies only to that consumers with electricity supply fare, who have overpaid credit balance at the end of heating season.



Standard Variants


The report displays the unused subsidy amount in the ALV display. The system also displays contract details such installation, contract account. if you want to display additional customer specific data in the ALV you can do so by using the /SAPCE/UNUSD_SUB_ENHAN enhancement point.


  • Enter the contract selection criteria on the Unused Subsidy for Heating screen, such as company code, subsidy department, year of beginning of heating season
  • The report uses the year of beginning of heating season to calculate the heating period based on the Customizing data
  • The report calculates credit balance for an account till the end of the heating season. In the standard scenario, the report considers all document types for calculation of credit balance. However, you can define additional customer specific parameters for calculation of credit balance such as validations for selection of document types, main transactions and sub transactions.
  • The report uses the below formula defined by the law to calculate the unused subsidy
Ne = Ce - He – E
  • Here:
Ne – is the amount of unused subsidy for electricity for individual heating during the heating season (currency-UAH)
Ce – is the total gross subsidy for electricity for the heating season (UAH)
He – is the total electricity price for the heating season (UAH)
E – is the price of 150 kW*h of electricity (UAH)


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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