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Settlement log for ETM settlement program


It provides the user with a display that allows the user to view all settlement data at once and branch to individual documents to make any necessary corrections.


In the ETM solution.




A log is created for every settlement run (test run or update run) and is displayed via this report.

Standard Variants


Data output takes place on three levels using transaction /SAPCEM/SD_PROT.

The left column shows the relevant settlement run in a navigation tree with the hierarchy Data/Log Description/Number of Messages.

The right column shows the messages in detail. The toolbar contains standard functions and pushbuttons fori = InformationSelection Conditions, and Total - SD Orders. Using pushbutton Total - SD Orders, the system goes to a modeless window and determines the total of the generated SD orders in the settlement. You can also display the long text for a message, as well as use pushbutton Details to get the document number for this message. By clicking on the message, the relevant document appears in the lower window (SD document, shipping note, info data for the selection, and so on.)

For SD documents and shipping notes, you can branch to the relevant display transactions. The toolbar contains pushbuttons Document- and Change Ordererweitert, to allow you to correct errors immediately.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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