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/SAPCEM/INVENTURMOVE - Move Inventory Data

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You use this report to move inventory data from the /SAPCEM/INVENTUR application table to the /SAPCEM/INV_OLDapplication table. Once you execute this report, the table /SAPCEM/INVENTURwill no longer contain the old data for the location (recipient) and can be used for the initial entry of inventory data.


On the selection screen, specify the following:

  • Key Date
The system selects all records that have a counting date less than or equal to the system date
  • Recipient type
  • Recipient
  • Test run or update run
  • If you choose Test Run, the report displays the data to the user

  • If you choose Update run, the system displays a confirmation dialog box and moves the data based on your input

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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