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/SAPCEM/PL_USAGE_XPRA - Change Usage of Condition Table for ETM from J to 4

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To change the usage character from J to 4 for the ETM condition type.



Please check that you are not using usage type 4 for your own application. This usage type is maintained in table T681V.

Caution: please check that you do not have to archive data for ETM Price Lists Condition Header (table: J_3GPRLHD, archiving object: /SAPCEM/06).

Please contact the archiving group before reloading the data into table J_3GPRLHD.


This XPRA replaces usage type J with the new usage type 4 in the following tables:

A. Cross-Client Tables

  • T681V Conditions: Usages
  • T681W Conditions: Usage: Texts
  • T681 Conditions: Structures
  • T681E Conditions: Fast-Entry Fields
  • T681F Conditions: Allowed Fields Per Usage and Application
  • T681S Conditions: Fast Entry Types
  • T681T Conditions: Fast Entry: Texts
  • T681Z Conditions: Dependent Data for Application/Usage
  • T682 Conditions: Access Sequence
  • T682T Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts
  • T682I Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)
  • T682Z Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields)
  • T180 Screen Sequence Control: Transaction Default Values
  • TMC1 Generated DDIC Structures for LIS, Conditions, Output
  • TMC1T Short Texts on Generated DDIC Structures
  • TMC1K Key Elements in Generated DDIC Structures

B. Client-Specific Tables

  • T683 Pricing Procedures
  • T683T Pricing Procedures: Texts
  • T683S Pricing Procedure: Data
  • T683U Conditions: Procedure (Text)
  • T685 Conditions: Types
  • T685T Conditions: Types: Texts
  • J_3GPRLHD ETM Price Lists Condition Header


Standard Variants




After having executed this report, all the ETM-specific condition tables will have been renamed.

Example for the settlement calendar: condition table for condition type ABRK, access sequence ABRK , which can be seen in the Data Browser by entering the table name KOTJ005. After executing this report, this table has the new name KOT4005. Here the character J has been replaced by the new character 4. The same changes apply for other condition types, such as:

FREI,,Release settlement calendar

LKAL,,Filler calendar for performance-based equipment

PRSL,,Price list

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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