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/SAPCND/CLEANUP_CONDINDX - Cleanup of Condition Technique Master Data after De-Installation

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Cleanup of index tables for Condition Technique Master Data after removal of certain tasks (usage + application) of the condition technique.



The report must only be executed after the de-installation of an Add-On using the AP condition technique.

In order to execute the report, it is required that the user has the authorization /SAPCND/CO activity 65 (Reorganize).



The only option you have is to start the report in test mode or in real mode (by removing the flag).

It is recommended to start the report in test mode before it is run in real mode.

Standard Variants


Report deletes obsolete entries in database tables /SAPCND/CONDINDX and /SAPCND/CONDREF belonging to condition records which do not exist anymore.

The report is writing a protocol to the application log. This can be shown by using transaction SLG1, Object COND_TECHNIQUE.

In case of very high data volume, the report can be started in background. The application log is written in that case as well.


The report is working client dependently, i.e. it has to be executed in all relevant clients and systems.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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