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/SAPCND/CND_RECORD_DELETE - Archiving Condition Records: Deletion Program

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You can use this program to delete archived condition records from the database.


This deletion program belongs to archiving object CND_RECORD and can be started either automatically or manually after the write program.

The program shold always be run immediately after the write process, so that the archived condition records are deleted from the database as soon as possible. This is ensured by archiving administration.


For archiving object CND_RECORD, archive files must exist that are available for physical deletion.


You should preferably carry out archiving using archive administration archive administration. This ensures that the write and deletion programs are run correctly.

After the write program has been completed, the condition records that have just been archived can be deleted with this program.

If you start the program manually, the system displays a list of archived files that have not yet been deleted.


Process controlling provides a test mode and a productive mode. In test mode, the records are not deleted from the database, but are read and then compared with the archived data.

Standard Variants


When the program is completed, the system issues statistics describing the results for the total number of deleted condition records, the database disk space freed up and the condition tables concerned.

During test mode, if the system identifies differences between the archived data and the records in the database, then the number of condition records affected is specified in the statistics as an error. In productive mode, the deletions are peformed without this check being made. The number of errors reported corresponds to the number of deletions that could not be carried out.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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