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/SAPCND/CND_RECORD_RELOAD - Archiving Condition Records: Reload Program

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Reload archived condition records.

This program is used to reverse the physical deletion of condition records carried out with the delete program, that is, the conditon records are returned to the database.

Note that the reload is not officially supported due to the possibility of data inconsistencies. The reload program is intended as an emergency program that allows you to return condition records that were deleted accidentally to the database. It should be executed as soon as possible after archiving has taken place.



Archive files for which the deletion run has been completed must be available for archiving object CND_RECORD.


If changes were made in the database in the meantime so that the condition record to be returned can be reloaded without conflicts (overlapping and so on), this record is moved to a separate archive in the production mode. The program then continues processing with the next condition record.

The original archive receives the status 'reloaded' once the reload has ended in the production mode . The content of the archive can then no longer be displayed with the display program.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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