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/SAPCND/CND_RECORD_SELECT - Archiving Condition Records: Search for and Display Records

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With this program you can search for archived condition records in the archive and then display them.


This program belongs to the archiving object CND_RECORD and enhances the standard display program of condition records.


The deletion run must be completed for the condition records you are searching for. Furthermore, a suitable active infostructure must be available for the condition records you are searching for. Otherwise, the system cannot execute the search.


With this program you can, similarly to the Archive Explorer, carry out a search via the Archive Information System (transaction SARI). The difference is that the starting point here is a field catalog (not an infostructure). For the selected field catalog a dynamic selection is offered for which, in turn, a suitable infostructure is determined (that builds on the selected field catalog), via which the search is finally executed in the archive.


The program offers dynamic selection for the fields of the field catalog that are used in infostructures. Here, you can enter the required selection parameters.

Fields of the field catalog that are not yet used in infostructures are hidden and can be viewed using the pushbutton 'new field selection'.

Standard Variants



If you should happen to discover that no suitable active infostructure exists yet for the fields you require, you can also subsequently create an infostructure for the corresponding field catalog.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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