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/SAPCND/CND_RECORD_WRITE - Archive Condition Records: Write Program

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With this program, the system can use appropriate selection criteria to read condition records from the database and write them to an archive.


Archivng object CND_RECORD also has another deletion program (/SAPCND/CND_RECORD_DELETE) that can be used to delete condition records that have been written into an archive.


To use the write program, you must first set up archiving. When doing this, remember that you can only enter combinations of application and usage for which an implementation of the Business-Add-In for checking /SAPCND/ARCH_CHECKexists with the appropriate filter values.


The write program has two modes for handling deleted condition records. You can select these by pressing the corresponding button:

  • No special treatment
This is the standard setting. This only selects those condition records for which the residence time has expired. For further information, see the data element Selection via residence time.
  • Only archive deleted records
This setting does not take the residence times into account, only deleted condition records are selected. Here too, however, the system only considers those combinations of application and usage for which archiving is set up. For further information, see data element Selection via release status.

From within these basic modes, you can choose additional selection criteria in order to precisely determine the quantity of selected condition records.


You can choose from the following selection criteria for the condition records:

You must enter an application. The standard setting is 'CRM'.
One or more usages can be selected here. The input help displays all the usages that exist for the specified application.
For application and usage together, it is only possible to enter combinations for which archiving has also been set up.
  • Condition type
This is where you can specify individual condition types that are only to be taken into account during the archiving run.
Instead of selecting specific condition types, you can also select a specific maintenance group. Remember that this selection is in addition to the selected condition types (i.e. the specified condition types are taken into account in addition to the condition types in the maintenance group).
  • Condition table
You can use this selection option to restrict archiving to a single condition table. You can find the corresponding key combination in the input help for this field.
  • Enhanced selection
You use this button to go to the enhanced selection screen where you can specify five additional attributes in name-value pairs. Use input help to find the appropriate attribute names.

For process controlling, you can switch between modes:

You also have the following options:

Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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