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The name of the function group, TAXI, stands for 'Tools for using tabstrips a-X applIcations'. The function group is a group of function modules, which can be used to dynamically modify screen templates that consist of fixed header areas and variable tabstrip areas. The basic concept is based on the idea that there is a transaction giving the frame for a number of screens that can be called up. Each screen consists of a header area which changes only slightly if at all, and a tabstrip that contains the corresponding work area. If you branch to another screen, the content of the work area will change but the header should remain unchanged. The tab text is dependent on the screen group to which the current screen belongs. This can change if a screen from another screen group is called up.

The available function modules support dynamic tab text. Because the repertoire for tab function codes is static, but the semantics of the individual tabs change because of different texts, it is possible to translate a generically used function code into a semantic function code. Furthermore, support is offered for calling up screens from external program pools that want to copy the fixed header area and the title and/or status if necessary.

It is necessary to adjust the previous full screens to the embedding in the aforementioned tabstrip, and also to adjust the interface between the calling environment and the called environment in external screens. The adjustments required are explained in detail in an external document, which can be found in the area of SD.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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