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/SAPCND/TST_CUST_CONS_UNIT - Customizing Consistency Checks for Condition Technique

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This report is a stand-alone ABAP unit test report that will perform consistency checks for condition technique customizing objects. It can also be executed directly, together with a selection of checks to be made, and optional input parameters (Application & Usage).

The customizing objects tested in this report are:

  • Global Field Catalog
  • Usage Field Catalog
  • Application Field Catalog
  • Condition Table
  • Condition Maintenance Group
  • Condition Type
  • Access Sequence
  • Procedures (Pricing, Free Goods and Product Substitution usages).
  • Additional Objects (e. g. Exclusion Groups)


The output will be displayed in the standard ABAP unit test framework.


All the checks are performed by the methods in the class /SAPCND/CL_CUST_CONS_CHECK_SRV. For details please refer to class documentation.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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