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/SAPPO/RESUBMIT_ORDERS_2 - Resubmission of Postprocessing Orders

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You can use this program for the automatic restart of postprocessing orders.

You use the following options to control the program:

Repeats postprocessing orders whose residence time has notyet expired
Last repeat of postprocessing orders whose residence time has expired and for that can be discarded.


You use the resubmission group to define the time period for the automatic restart of the postprocessing orders. Note that the resubmission group is not dependent on job management. You should schedule the postprocessing orders in the time period of the resubmission group in job management.

Example: If you select the hourly resubmission group in the selection variant, you should schedule the program so that it is run hourly.

Parallel Processing

If the system generates a large number of postprocessing orders in a short time (for example, as the result of a Customizing error) and if you need ensure that the data volume to be processed is resubmitted quickly once the error has been solved, then you can use the parallelization settings to optimize performance.

If you select the Dynamic Determination of Number of Packages checkbox, you can specify the package size. If you leave the checkbox empty, you can enter the Number of Packages.

If you enter the number of objects per package in the Package Size field, you control package formation for the current run. The system forms the number of work packages for this run from the forecasted number of objects divided by the specified package size. On average, the work packages contain approximately the specified package size. In individual cases, package size can vary.

In the Number of Packages field, you enter the number of work packages for parallel processing.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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