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/SAPPSPRO/RM08RL82 - Possible Entries for Purchasing Document

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Which purchasing documents are offered?

A purchasing document is available in the possible entries if the following is true for one of the items:

  • The item meets the selection criteria.
  • The "Goods Receipt" indicator is set for the item.
  • The "Invoice Receipt" indicator is set for the item.
  • The "Invoice Expected" indicator is set, and the quantity delivered is greater than the quantity invoiced.
  • The purchasing document is either a purchase order or a scheduling agreement.
  • The purchasing document is released.

Notes on Runtime

The following entries will lead to a faster selection:

  • Document date of the purchasing document
  • Number of the purchasing document

Any additional information can accelerate the selection further.


  • All the items of the purchasing document are displayed, even if they are not included in the selection on the basis of the plant or material.
  • Subitems cannot be transferred individually.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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