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/SAPPSPRO/RPOPAYMH - Purchase Order Extended History

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The purpose of this report is to show the purchase order (PO) history including the payment information (partial or full payment). The details are displayed from different reporting areas: Proprietary, Budgetary, and Funds Management (FM) view.

Information for the FM view is collected from the FM tables FMIOI and FMIFIIT for the Funds Management view; information for the Proprietary and Budgetary views is collected from the table FMUSFGA.

This is an ABAP report using the ABAP List Viewer (ALV) tool. Layout management functionality is used in this report. This means you can to use, save, and modify layouts.

You can also drill down to the reference document and FI document.



Field Movements

The budgetary view in the purchase order history report will not work if the commitment item string is not passed to the budgetary ledger.


The selection screen offers selection criteria on purchasing document number, item, and sequential number of account assignment.

Note that some payments might be created with reference to a PO without being linked to any line item in particular. The report can read these documents when the PO number is passed and the PO item number is left blank. All documents are then displayed, including those that do not reference a PO item.

The report shows the Proprietary, Budgetary, or FM view according to the selection.

A layout can be chosen to determine the list format.

Standard Variants

Standard layouts are delivered as follows:

  • Layout 1SUBTOT_ACCT - Sorting and subtotals by purchasing document and account (proprietary and budgetary view)
  • Layout 1SUBTOT_VALT - Sorting and subtotals by purchasing document and value type (FM view)

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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