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/SAPPSSRM/CLOSEOUT - Automatic Closeout

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Execute this report to set the Closeout indicator for contract items, purchase order headers and items, and to additionally retrieve purchasing documents that have been selected for manual closeout.

You can process either purchase orders or contracts. In addition to the standard checks, you can specify the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) for purchase orders under Processing Options. Purchase orders below this amount are not closed automatically.


See also report Closeout Purchasing Documents: Create Recommendation List.


To close purchase orders and contracts, the following requirements must be met:

  • Purchase Order Item (manually / automatically)
  • Either all items have been received or the Final Delivery indicator has been set.

  • All items have been invoiced and cleared and the Final Invoice indicator has been set.

  • For automatic closeouts, no change version is in progress.

  • Purchase Order Header (manually / automatically)
  • All items have been closed.

  • For automatic closeouts, no change version is in progress.

  • No open invoice exists.

  • As far as automatic closeout is concerned, the purchase order has to be below the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT).

  • Contract items (manually / automatically)
  • No guaranteed minimum is involved: the validity period has expired.

  • For contracts with guaranteed minimum, the validity period has expired and the guaranteed minimum is met.

  • Target values or target quantities have been met.

  • The item has been either cancelled, terminated or deleted.

  • Manually: the validity period has ended and the guaranteed minimum is not met.

  • The option line item has not been exercised.

  • Contract Header (only manually)
  • The validity period has ended.

  • All the contract items have been closed.

  • All the purchase orders against the contract have been closed.

  • No change version in process.

Also, manual or automatic closeout implies a Public Sector user-specified status that has to be configured in the Implementation Guide for Procurement for Public Sector under Assign Status Profiles.



  • Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT)
    The maximum USD acquisition value for which simplified acquisition procedures can be used.
  • Informal Change
    Set this indicator if you do not want this report to create a change version.
  • Test Run
    By default, the output is not written to the database.
  • Reason Code
    Enables you to explain changes to open or not yet approved versions of a purchase order.

Standard Variants


The report lists the number of checked, closed, and invalid documents.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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