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/SAPPSSRM/SC_COMMIT_REPOST - Post Shopping Cart Commitments

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You can use this report to initiate checks of the shopping cart commitments in SAP ERP commitments management. You can also use the report to post or repost the shopping cart commitments.

You can perform a test run of the report to initiate the following checks to be carried out in SAP ERP commitments management:

  • Check whether sufficient budget is available for the goods or services requested in the shopping cart
  • Comparison of the quantities and values of goods or services requested in the SAP SRM procurement documents and the quantities and values for which commitments have been posted in SAP ERP commitment management

If you want to adjust the quantities and values of the commitment documents in SAP ERP commitments management to the quantities and values in the SAP SRM procurement documents, perform an update run of the report. To do this, deselect the Test Runcheckbox before starting the report.



The following prerequisites apply:

  • To check shopping cart commitments, the shopping cart items must have been approved.
  • To not only check but also also post shopping cart commitments, you must have activated the posting of shopping cart commitment in SAP ERP. You can do this in Customizing for SAP Supplier Relationship Managementunder SRM Server -→ Cross-Industry Functions -→ Application Settings-->Accounting --> Activate Shopping Cart Commitment.
For shopping carts with structured pricing arrangements, you can define whether the shopping cart commitment is settled on a value basis or on a quantity basis. For more information see Settle Shopping Cart Commitment by Value.



You can use the following parameters to select the shopping carts for which you want to check or post commitments:

  • Range of the shopping cart document numbers (shopping cart IDs)
  • User who created or changed the shopping cart
  • Period when the shopping cart was created or changed
  • SAP ERP back end system used for financial accounting

Standard Variants


This report lists the shopping cart items that were processed. You can display a list of messages. If checking a shopping cart commitment leads to error messages, you cannot repost the commitment.

From the list of the processed items you can also display the following related documents:

  • The SRM procurement document that contains the selected shopping cart item. To display this document, double-click the item.
  • Accounting documents in the SAP ERP back end system, including the commitment documents. To display the documents, select the shopping cart item and choose Commitments.


If the replication of a purchase order to the SAP ERP system fails, no commitment is posted for the purchase order. However, the replicated purchase order in SAP ERP would be the document that initiates posting of a purchase order commitment. Therefore, if the replication fails, no purchase order commitment is posted that would contribute to the settlement of the SRM shopping cart commitments.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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