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/SAPSLL/CUHD_CSD_ACTIVITY_COMP - Edit Activity Sequence of Customs Declarations/Shipments

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During electronic communications with the customs authorities, you or the customs authority may skip messages. To enable processing of subsequent messages for a customs shipment or customs declaration, run this report.

When you complete this activity, you can resume processing the activity sequence and process any necessary passive messages.



Make sure the missing messages can no longer be received.

You cannot cancel the closing of an activity.



Select the customs declaration/shipment with document number and document year.

Standard Variants


The current status of the activity sequence is displayed. The messages assigned to each activity are displayed. The processing status is displayed for each assigned message. If several versions of a message exist, the processing status of the best one is used.


You can choose to complete the currently active activity in the display of the current status of the activity sequence. An activity is active when it has status "In Process" or when the previous activity has been completed.


If the customs authorities conduct inspection during transit receipt, they may not send an unloading permission. After the inspection takes place, a release or safekeeping notification is sent directly. This message cannot be posted for the customs shipment, however, because the first activity can only be completed through the unloading permission.

In this case, run the program to complete the activity for the arrival notification. After you complete the activity, you can then process the release or safekeeping notification in the "Status Monitor for ALE Messages" transaction (BD87).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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