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/SAPSLL/CUHD_CSD_COMPLETE_DOC - Flag Customs Management Documents for Archiving Automatically

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You use this report to complete customs declarations and customs shipments. In the process, various criteria are taken into account, depending on the service and goods direction (see the "Selection" section).



The documents selected in this report are subject to the following criteria:

  • The incompleteness status must be set to "Complete"
  • The status of customs value calculation must be "Complete" or "Not Executed"
  • The document must not have any open reservations



You can select by organizational data, target procedure, document number, document year, and document administration data. You can also use the following parameters to influence processing:

  • External identification: A freely assignable ID for the log. You can use this identification to search for the log in transaction SLG1.
  • Test run flag: If you set this flag, the full program logic runs, but the database state is not changed. If the flag is not set, the documents are updated in the database following the status check.

Standard Variants


The result is all customs shipments and customs declarations that meet the criteria. The status symbol indicates whether or not the document is available for archiving.

The following checks are performed:

  • Customs Processing Service
  • Import

The system first checks whether the document has open messages.
It then checks whether the activity sequence of the document is relevant for a supplementary customs declaration (see Customizing of the activity sequence).
If the customs declaration is not relevant for a supplementary customs declaration, it is completed. If it is relevant for a supplementary customs declaration, the customs declaration is only completed if the supplementary customs declaration is also completed.
  • Export

The same criteria apply as in the import case. If the export document was opened in connection with a transit procedure, the customs shipment must be completed first.
  • Transit Service
  • Import

All packages in these documents must be declared and no further open messages are allowed.
  • Export

In this goods direction, no further open messages are allowed.


You can use the "Change Customs Declaration" and "Display Customs Declaration" buttons to navigate to the respective document. To do so, select the desired line.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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