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/SAPSLL/CUHD_CSD_COMPL_RESET - Cancel Document Closing

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The status can be set to Document Completed - Document Flagged for Archiving by the report for completing documents or through manual completion. If this status was set too soon and you still have to make changes to the document, run this report.



The customs shipment or customs declaration is set to status Document Completed - Document Flagged for Archiving.



You can select by organizational data, target procedure, document number, and document year.

Standard Variants


A list of customs shipments and customs declarations that meet your selection criteria is displayed.


  • Select the line containing the desired customs shipment or customs declaration.
  • You can perform the following functions for each selected line:
  • Choose Display to display the full customs shipment or customs declarations before processing

  • Choose Cancel Completion to process the selected entry. After processing, a message appears indicating whether processing was successful. If it was, the line is removed from the displayed. You can only reset the document completion if related documents, such as a supplementary customs declaration, have not been completed yet.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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