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/SAPSLL/CUHD_FS_ARCHIVE_CHECK - Check Archivability of Customs Documents in Feeder System

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The program sets the processing status for customs documents, depending on the status of the relevant transaction in the feeder system.

Customs documents with this status can be archived with the Archive Customs Documents program.



The RFC destinations for the connected SAP ERP feeder systems have to be set up.



For the customs documents that have not been closed and that are determined on the basis of the selection criteria, the following criteria are checked in the feeder system

Sales orders

  • Requested delivery date < current date

  • Specific sales document categories

  • Last change over three months ago

  • Overall processing status of the associated delivery/deliveries and the order itself closed

Outbound deliveries

  • Specific sales document categories

  • Overall processing status closed

Purchase orders

  • Specific purchasing document categories

  • The delivery process must be complete for all items

You can also use a BAdI (/SAPSLL/CD_ARCH_R3) in the SAP ERP system to influence the selection.

Standard Variants


You can display the result of the program with a log. For this purpose, you can enter a log ID on the selection screen. You can use the standard transaction for logs to display the log.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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