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/SAPSLL/CUSWLA_ENTRIES_DISPLAY - Display Differences for Delivery and Declaration Quantities

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Report for displaying all the goods issues that have led to a reexportation. The quantity in the goods issue must match the quantity in the billing document on which the customs declaration or customs shipment is based.





Data can be selected using delivery, billing document, or material document data. You can also select data using the customs ID and existing customs declaration/customs shipment.

You can also determine whether the system displays only the records that show quantity differences between the goods issue and the billing document or whether it displays all of the table.

Standard Variants


When the "Display Quantity Differences Only" parameter is set, the system displays only records that show differences between the goods issue quantity and the billing quantity.

Otherwise, the system displays the whole table.


You cannot perform further actions from this display.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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