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/SAPSLL/CUSWLO_INVENTORY_COMP - Compare Transferred/Left Over Worklist Quantity

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You can use this report to compare the transferred material quantity with the quantity cleared by the customs authorities. The comparison is performed in the base units of measure of the relevant material. The declared quantity is the basis for the calculation of the customs value and accordingly for any customs duty due also.




The comparison can be displayed on several information levels:

  • Purchasing document item
  • Purchasing document item / customs shipment
  • Purchasing document item / customs shipment / material document item

It is possible to navigate to the relevant customs shipment from the output list, provided the appropriate information level has been chosen.


Standard Variants


If you declared a greater quantity for customs purposes than you transferred from the feeder system to SAP Global Trade Services, the negative balance is highlighted in red in the corresponding column of the output list.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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