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/SAPSLL/CUSWLO_MAT_TRANSFER - Subsequent Posting: Material to Material Transfer Posting

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You can use this report for the subsequent posting of all goods movements that were assigned category "Material-Material Transfer Posting" in the feeder system, as well as to display and process them again in case of errors.





Restrict the selection by organizational data, product data, or material document data.

Standard Variants


The result displays all the material-material transfer postings that are available for subsequent posting. You can only restart material-material transfer postings within the customs warehouse. Transfer postings that represent a receipt or issue in the customs warehouse (such as transfer posting of a customs warehouse-relevant material to a non-customs warehouse-relevant material) are not possible with this report.

Movements that result in a duty-paid receipt have to be restarted from transaction SM58 in the feeder system.

Movements that result in an issue can be restarted with the "Subsequent Posting for Outward Movements" transaction.


After you select the entries, the system first checks whether a proper pair is available for transfer posting. If you inadvertently select a single entry, it is ignored in later processing. All other selected entries are processed and listed under the completed transactions.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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