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/SAPSLL/CUS_REQ_CH_LIST_EVV - Request EAD List for Customs Import Declarations from Authority

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You can use this report program to request a list of electronic assessment decisions (eAD) from the Swiss Customs Administration (EZV).

The responsible customs authority sends you the requested list of electronic assessment decisions for the time period requested. A maximum number of 10 days can be requested for the time period.

Depending on the selection criteria, the requested list contains the registration numbers of the customs import declarations as well as references to the corresponding customs notices and tax statements.

The SAP GTS system takes the list and automatically generates a worklist, which you can use in a follow-on step to request all of the data of the respective customs import declaration and the corresponding customs notice and tax statement.

To display all of the data, run the transaction /SAPSLL/CUS_CH_EVV_S. The SAP GTS system then creates replicates of customs declarations for the data you requested.

Once you request data details, these are marked as Read in the EZV system.

You can use the read status from the EZV system, for example, to display only those transactions for which no details have yet been requested.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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