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/SAPSLL/RES_INV_CREATE_R3 - Restitution: Generate Billing Documents for Restitution

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Creation of a restitution invoice based on the commercial invoice.

Via the selection criteria given, the system reads the commerical invoices (normal invoices, pro-forma invoices, cancellations, credit memos, debit memos).

Via a remote function call, the calculation of the restitution in the GTS system is called. With the result, the system creates a new invoice or a new credit memo with the restitution authority as payer, sold-to and bill-to. The restitution relevant items are copied from the original document to the new document.

When the original billing document is a cancellation the report also cancels the restitution document.

The new restitution document can be seen in the document flow of the original billing document.



The system displays the selection screen for the logs. During execution the system displays the result of the most important messages.

When using the function 'all messages' all messages are displayed.

The log can be directly accessed via the parameter: Only show log.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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